Wednesday, November 10, 2010

[free] awesome niche - easy money for you Mahmudin!

hey Mahmudin,

This is one of the best niches right now and you absolutely NEED to
get into this because it has:
- highly targeted buyers
- loads of traffic
- easily beatable competition
- high regular payouts

This is also one of the few niches that I recommend any 'newbies'
get into even with PPC because it's JUST THAT GOOD! Keywords are
cheap to bid on and conversions are very good as long as you create
a good landing page.

Okay, okay, so the niche is ---- video gaming!

There are various products and angles you can go for in this niche.
Anything that is software related is very easy to promote, so is
anything related to 'fixing' gaming consoles.

For example take a look at this:


This is a great option to promote -
the keywords are easy to work with, and I have an 'inside' look at
the statistics for this product, so I know it converts very well
consistently (in the range of 1 in 14 to 1 in 50, which is very
very good!). There are other products in the same niche (game copy
niche), but they're either just ebooks, or not very good looking sites.

A Word of Warning:
When you sign up as an affiliate, many of these products will hand you
a large list of keywords to work with. You will want to select the
most buyer oriented keywords OR the keywords with a lot of traffic
without much competition. The more specific the better (for example,
backup wii disk is better than backup game disk).

So get cranking with it!


P.S. - If you haven't signed up for CNP3 yet, there're some awesome
niches in there for you to work with!

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