Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Get an SEO boost from your hosting…


Are you getting an SEO boost from your existing hosting?

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get legitimate backlinks
is to build links between your own sites.

The problem with doing this using traditional shared hosting is
you won't receive any SEO benefits from it because all of your
sites share THE SAME IP address.

The only way to get that coveted "link juice" is to have your
sites on different IPs with multiple C Class hosting.

Multiple C Class hosting expenses are typically astronomical,
but now you can get access to multiple IP hosting through
BHWHosting at a price that virtually any marketer can afford.

>>> http://www.BHWHosting.com

With BHWHosting, you get access to all of the typical hosting
bells and whistles PLUS the ability to get IP packages as small
as 25 to as large as 500 IPs.

It doesn't matter if you're just getting starting with your
internet marketing business or you're a seasoned veteran...
BHWHosting has a hosting package that will meet your needs at a
price that you can afford.

Don't leave one of the easiest and 100% LEGIT methods to boost
your SEO on the table.

Checkout our packages here:

>>> http://www.BHWHosting.com

Oh yeah... How about a few discounts?

The first 20 people to sign-up get 25% off by using the coupon

These 20 spots will sell out quick, so we're also offering a 15%
off coupon to the next 100 people to sign-up using coupon code:

(So, if the first code doesn't work, you missed the 25% off, but
you can still get the 15% off using the coupon code above.)

You'll want to use the coupon codes on check-out in the box and
the discount will be applied right away.

Hurry up and lock-in your discount on multiple IP hosting, and
get more backlinks and better rankings, today!

>>> http://www.BHWHosting.com


-Diamond Dave

P.S. - If you're really serious about your business and want to
get 30% off on your hosting, simply pay for the entire year
upfront (you're going to use it anyway, right?) and use the
coupon code: BHWYEARLY



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