Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mudin Are You A Numbers Person?

Hey there Mudin,

You know when it comes to marketing, almost every single guru,
product or even users in the forums... they will surely ask you to TEST.

And remember those dreadful feelings that you get whenever you
hear this because you know how costly testing is and that you
have no 'easy' way to do this?

Yeah I know I feel you too.

Running a business online is a numbers game. Do you know the numbers
in your business?

I sure hope so because if you don't you could be quickly losing
your precious money and time on something that isn't working at all.

[X] Take SEO for example. It takes months of backlinking and optimizing
to get to a point where you could see a constant flow of traffic.

But what if you were focusing on the wrong keyword? That would be

[X] Take PPC for example. Everyone knows how PPC could suck you
dry really quickly if you don't know what you are doing.

[X] How about selling your own products? I can tell you this. If your
product copy does not convert... then you are doomed. You won't
even be able to convince any partners to help you sell your product
for a commission.

This is no longer the case for me... because right now I now am able
to test and track all my campaigns, pages, sales pages... everything
with ease.

That's right. From now on I am able to 'predict' my conversions.

-> I am able to predict which of my keywords converts best.
-> I am able to reduce my cost at least 60%.
-> I am able to increase my conversions twice as much as I could...

I now know my numbers like the back of my hand.

And I use this:

This is a software that a lot of marketers are using today
to give them the exact numbers they need to find the winners and
dump the losers.

This is the exact software that a lot of big marketers are now
using in their business to increase their conversions and tackle
all their complicated split testing with minimum cost.

This software takes the ever so famous A.I.D.A formula and injects
it with steroids.

Imagine what this kind of money could do for you.

Which is why...

If you are serious in your business,
If you want to make money online,
If you want to grow your business like never before,
If you simply want to find a good product to promote...

You need to start reading the numbers in your business
and the best software that can do that for you is Conversion Prophet.


Diamond Dave

p.s Remember business is all about numbers and cutting costs.
Take advantage and invest in this software today at a low
introductory price before all 300 copies are gone.


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