Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year goodies for Mahmudin :)

Hey Mahmudin!

May you have an awesome 2011! :D

I wanted to start of the new year with 2 special goodies.
The first one is VERY unique and will make someone very happy. I've
decided to sell off a bunch of my autopilot income sites to my
subscribers at 'less than fair prices'. To start off 2011, I'm
putting a site for sale that is an EASY 100% autopilot $50,000+ per
year for you ;)


The second one is a pretty cool tutorial on keyword selection where
I show you some of my LIVE keywords and niches and give out some
'insider' stuff:


Talk soon!


P.S. - Maybe I'm just cynical, but I never understood the big deal with
New Year' seems like most of us continue repeating the same
cycle over and over - politicians still ripping us off, people
still driving like maniacs, and Apple folks still making fun of
PC people like me :(

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