Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Salutations one and all! Yes, you read the title just fine. Below is the very first Castleville cheats that we found for the year 2012. Unfortunately, the cheat was patched just the other day, Jan 3, 2012. Why? Because a lot of people learned about it and some moron posted the cheat on the official Castleville forum therefore Zynga guys got wind of it and poof, Castleville unlimited energy hack gone in just a few days. Tsk tsk.

So anyway, even if this Castleville cheats has been patched, we still thought it would be nice to inform you guys about it. It’s so cool that a lot of Castleville gamers got more than 20k of energy each. We found out about it a bit too late so we were not able to exploit it. Poor us. Enough of that though. Check out the cheat below.


This hack worked because of the latest Castleville Castleberry Punch Quest. It would seem that there was a bug with the punch that when you click on it, it will give you 1 energy per click and there is no limit to how much you can click the punch and the energy that you will get.

Here’s how the hack works:
-First Download Software-

1) Open castleville
2) Open inventory
3) Click comsumables
4) Just keep clicking castleberry punch even when it says “Saving” just click click click !!(IF you dont have any you will have to make 1)
5) Watch your energy rise
6) Refresh and your energy is still there !!

So there you go. Too bad we didn’t get to use this right? This would have really helped us get thousands of energy and level up lightning fast. Do visit this site regularly for more Castleville cheats, hacks, guides, tips and tricks to help you dominate Castleville in style.


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