Saturday, January 21, 2012

CityVille Cheat Update 2012 - Cash Hack To Complete Buildings

Credits: astuceville
Note : Cash wont be saved but the BUILDING will be saved when done

* Charles Web Debugger
* Firefox

Steps // fhax4u
1. Open Charles Web Debugger and Go to CityVille
2. In Charles, Find and Expand these lines '' > 'flashservices'
3. Right click any of the 'gateway.php' & select 'Breakpoints'
4. Reload the game
5. A BREAKPOINT tab will appear
6. Click Execute ONCE, Another breakpoint tab will appear
7. Click 'Edit request' > 'AMF'
8. You shoud expand everything to see your profile (watch the video if unclear)
9. Change your cash value to 100
10. CLick the red Button to remove the breakpoint
11. Click Execcute
12. if done correctly you will see the new value of your cash,
13. Now spend it all on community building


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