Monday, February 6, 2012

Castleville Energy Links and Item Request Links

Base on our sources, this is what many Castleville players need aside from cheats and hacks since this little more fair in playing games. But then this kind of request of Energy and other event item that you can in everyone’s wall is not on unlimited sort. Instead they very expensive from your wait, yes you need to wait for your friends who are currently playing the social game for their confirmation upon your request.

But now let’s stir the wind since we have a tool here that can produce mirror of different item and energy request links. So what you need to do is to regularly visit for we will preserve the credits and post the links on that site. In every post we will make, you can get items from 48 different links but you need to be at haste because this will server as first come first serve. Once the link had already visited you can’t get any energy pots on that shared links so you need to prepare yourself as we highly recommend you to bookmark (Ctr + D) this site or Cheatopia so it is very easy for you to make a regular visit, or just like our official Facebook Fan Page so in every update we made it will be posted on your wall.

Aside from regular visits and checking an updates there is also the best way to compensate in our energy links request, and that is by means of donation. In this system all you have to do is to check your email as we will directly email to you the sort of links. Here you can assume that you can get them all as all links will be exclusively for you. Not only for energy but also different items that every Castleville player needs. Actually we are running a poll for that on which item you needed most, so if you like energy or shards we will decide which one to share or even the famous crown.

We are making different way that will fit to your expectation, not only with cheats and hacks, but also guides and other way to dominate the game. All you have to do is to bear with us, read our guidelines, disclaimer and reminders so you will use our Castleville resources on its full potential
Software Energy 1
Software Energy 2
Software Energy 3
Get Here To Get More Free Energy


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