Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Castleville Guides Finishing Hazel Quest

Hey buddy! There is a new character coming to Castleville and with her is a bunch of exciting new tasks that would alter your every usual routine in this online game. This icy witch brings a total of eight quests which requires you to complete. But before that, she brought with her a little antipasto as a little initiator of the game. If can’t hold your breath anymore, scroll down to see SOME of these tasks.

*Exploring that dim area with a chill of icy whirlwind

If you are going to look at the Northeast area of your kingdom, you will see a tornado spinning on area expansion. However, having a land expansion is not that easy for it requires a bunch of prerequisites like 12 expansion crystal gems, 75,500 coins, and a total castle level of 380. As what the law of alchemy states, losing something acquires something of equal value. By offering the said requirements, you will have an expansion as soon as you finished the quest and earn 500 coins and an XP of 10.

*Melting the ice

* You have to collect 3 dragon breaths (as if you could collect an air, lol)

* Use the dragon’s breath to melt the Icy Totem

If you are wondering how to find the dragon breath, you can actually have a shout on your friend by sending them to you. Of course, the more you request, the more the possibility to receive, or by a good chance, you can have them by random fishing. Collecting these items will give you an extra 500 coins, a witch crossing sign and an additional XP count of 10.

*A chilly ice meeting you

* Secure yourself with one ice pick

* Free the Gloom Thief from the Ice Prison

You have to undergo several assignments first before getting the ice pick. You have to craft one in the Workshop using seven Wood, two Stone Blocks and five Ice Chunks for you to have one. When you already have one, you can pick the ice to free the Gloomy Thief stuck inside the ice.

* It’s a Chill once more

* Leave the Gloom Thief

* Collect Seven Mystery Meat

* Craft 1 Brick Oven

The Mystery meat is available through asking it to your friends. The Brick oven is achieved within your workshop using stone blocks. You will receive a diary from Witch Hazel for tackling the gloomy thief once and for all.

There are only four stated here. Please get back as soon as we have discovered and detailed the rest. Meanwhile, why don’t you try exploring it so that you can commence the fun?
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