Monday, February 27, 2012

Get Free Castleville Energy on Hidden Chronicles Update March 2012

Hidden Chronicles can be consider as the most recent social games that Zynga released for everyone. It has a genre of Hidden Object which as of now, Zynga think about promoting it as the game is too young to stand alone. And in terms of promoting, Zynga is the best of it, using Facebook and their games everything will goes to be viral as what they want it to be. In my opinion, Zynga is the one who make rule and giving space for all Facebook games to be played and we are lucky to be part of it, to be consider as part of your entertainment.

Castleville Free Energy With Hidden Chronicle
So how’s the promotion, When you play the game, you need to reach level 6 on Hidden Chronicles by January 26, 2012 and that will be a sleepless night well if there’s a will there’s a way so not so bad favor, what do you think. Complying on that reward requirement will grant you a Castleville Energy. I admit that there is a confuse here, if you try to see the advertisement they comes in a “can”, so it will gonna be number of energy pack. Huge for 30 energy or literally 30 cans for every achieving the requirement that will be tons of energy supply ^_^. Aside from energy you can also get such special costumes set for each gender. And if you don’t have a knowledge about what is Hyper Craft consumables are or not so fun of spending money for just game, they’re items you craft when you get a Kitchen. Each one speeds up your crafting activity by a half hour and takes 26 hours to make by yourself, which is nuts, but you can easily buy one for 30 Hearts instead.

So be part of it, promote and play Hidden Chronicles of Zynga it will be a good chance to try another game from the said developer, as history told us they are the maker of the best social game in Facebook, so it is worth a try.
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