Friday, March 23, 2012

Holiday Quests Arrive in CastleVille 2012

Kringle and Gift Shoppe
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Ho! Ho! Ho! Kris Kringle has arrived in CastleVille and he’s brought several new quests with him. There’s a new quest chain, called Save Kris Kringle and it will have you helping him spread cheer and goodwill through the Kingdom. The quests must all be completed in just nine days.

It all starts off with a simple quest called Snow Fall. This is an introductory quest where you need to rescue Kris Kringle after he’s been shot down in his sleigh by the evil wizard Faugrimm. To do the quest, place a target for Kris Kringle, then signal him to drop in. After he lands–a bit awkwardly–you’ll pull him out of the snow and he’ll start giving you the remaining quests. Basically, you’ll be assembling a Gift Shoppe to help supply Kris Kringle with new gifts to replace the ones that were destroyed in the crash.

Here’s a list of the quests and rewards that you’ll get from Kris Kringle.

Snow Fall – 500 coins, 10 XP
Ode to Toy – 500 coins, 10 XP
Slipping Up – 750 coins, 10 XP
Sugar Rush

The Gift Shoppe is the center of operations for the quests. You can craft four different items in this building and each one counts towards a different number of gifts to help fill Kringle’s bag. Each time you fill the bag with a certain number of gifts, you’ll earn a reward for yourself. The first reward, a holiday sweater, comes when you fill the bag with 10 gifts.
Fruit Cake (2 gifts)
Holiday Slippers (1 gift)
Stuffed Unicorn (4 gifts)
Wind-Up Beastie (3 gifts)


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