Sunday, April 8, 2012

Get Money in Zynga IPO – Likely To Raise 1 Billion Dollars

Zynga, the company behind Farmville which is so popular in Facebook, is planning to raise US $1 billion through the IPO process.
Zynga plans to offer 100 million shares priced at $10 each to the public. This figure is not yet confirmed but companies like Bloomberg has quoted the above said figures. There was no further elaboration by Bloomberg on that figure. Many others including The Wall Street Journal also reported of Zynga’s plan to raise money through IPO.
Earlier this year, Zynga had plans to raise money through IPO in July. The valuation of the company at that time was about $20 billion and there was a plan to raise $2 billion from the public. But the plan was dropped due to extremely volatile market. At the current levels, the valuation of Zynga stands at around $10 billion range and the plan to raise $1 billion from the public.
So all the investors, planning to invest in some IPO, you can consider Zynga IPO as a good investment option.
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