Thursday, December 9, 2010

Get more from your BHW membership...


How's it going?

I want to help you get more out of BlackHatWorld's forums...

Did you realize that BHW gets over 6,500,000 pageviews every

We've also got over 140,000 members, an Alexa rank of about 500,
and we're growing every day!

I'm not saying this to brag, but it's obvious that we're a
pretty popular site when it comes to internet marketing and
making money online.

And through the years I've learned that one of the easiest way to
catapult your wealth and knowledge is through networking with people
on BHW forums. But sometimes that can't be a daunting challenge with
so many users out there...

If you've been around BHW for any length of time, you've
probably seen some people that have the "Donor" status icon by
their username.

If you look at the threads that "Donors" are involved in, you've
probably seen that these people get instant respect and
credibility on BHW by being a donor.

Did you know that getting that "Donor" icon is as simple as
becoming a BHW Premium Member?

To learn more about how you can get a BHW Premium Membership, go
here and sign into your account:


In addition to getting the status and credibility that comes
with the "Donor" icon by your username, there are even more
"perks" that you're entitled to when you become a BHW Premium

-An upgraded private message box:
You'll be able to get up to 500 private messages...That means you
can save important messages longer without having to worry about
emptying your PM box all the time and missing important messages.

-The ability to use your signature for links:
This is great for advertising your product/service to the BHW
crowd. There are over 140,000 members on BHW, and we're adding
new members every day, so you can get a HUGE amount of exposure
from people that are interested in what you have to offer!

-Fast-track to the Jr. VIP exclusive forums:
If you're really serious about your online business, you NEED
to be a Jr. VIP to get access to the REALLY good stuff that will
take your business to the next level. This is where the REAL
marketers hang out, and you are just a step away from Jr. VIP
status when you become a Premium Member.

Here's the link again:

(You'll need to sign into your forum account)

take care,

Diamond Dave

P.S. - If you've spent any time on BHW, you've probably already
learned something from the thousands of amazing ideas and posts
that has put more money in your pocket than the tiny cost of
becoming a Premium Member.

Not only do you get some amazing perks by becoming a Premium
Member, but your donation goes to cover things like hosting, legal,
programmers and making BHW an even better place for all of our members.
This is your chance to give back to BHW and get rewarded as well...

Thanks for helping to make BHW a great place!


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